Dynamics NAV Cost Repair

Dynamics West has developed a suite of tools and a proprietary procedure that can permanently fix NAV / Navision Costing errors while retaining all of your Item numbers and full history. No matter long you have been using NAV / Navision nor how many times you have upgraded your costing can be repaired once and for all.

Download: Dynamics NAV Inventory Cost Restoration Whitepaper

Historically, older versions of Navision have under certain conditions manifested inaccurate cost calculations. The symptoms of this were, for example, having an Inventory Item with a zero quantity on hand but with a non-zero value, or where the adjust costs process posted unusually large rounding entries. This resulted in an unreliable cost and value for inventory.

To get around this situation some companies would go to a manual costing, detaching the G/L from Inventory and sacrificing the value of having an automated accounting system. Even more frustrating, this situation made and continues to make upgrading a difficult procedure. The solution some have taken in the past is to retire all of the old part numbers and start fresh with new ones, or to even re-implement from scratch.  These solutions are now a thing of the past.

  • Put your Inventory back in sync with your G/L.
    Once this process is completed your Inventory will remain in balance with your G/L, giving you the chance to use Dynamics NAV for Cost Accounting in the way it was meant to be.
  • If you have Values without Quantities
    Correct this common problem that cannot be fixed by running Adjust Costs, by posting Revaluation or Item Journals nor by simple programming.
  •  If you can’t run Adjust Costs
    Fix Databases that have been upgraded from versions prior to Navision 2.6 that experience errors caused by the introduction of new Inventory Transaction Types.
  • If Adjust Costs gives erroneous results
    Correct certain conditions where you may have an Inventory Valuation that is obviously incorrect, such as a non-zero value with zero quantity on hand, or a value that is out of range.
  • If you want to change Costing methods
    The Cost Repair Process will allow you to restart your Costing computations without being concerned with past valuation.
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