Good training can be the difference between extra work, or SMART work.

Knowing how your system can work for you is key to being able to get your work done quickly and efficiently.
(Afterall, your TikTok account isn’t going to just scroll through itself. Get your work done and relax sooner!)


You are in accounting and have been tasked with making sure that no one can post into prior months. The accounting team has already closed the month and doesn’t want anyone to be able to make postings outside of the current month.

Untrained Workflow

If you don’t know how the system can work for you, then you might work through the following workflow:

In the search bar, you search for “User Setup” and click on the first selection.

Search for User Setup

User Setup search result

On the user setup page, you click on Edit List, then you start to go down the entire list. Entering one by one, line by line. The Allow Posting From and Allow Posting To fields all the way down the page. If you have lots of employees, you can expect this to take a lot of time.

User Setup

User Setup

You do this every month. At the beginning of the next month, you’ll do it again.



Trained workflow

If you have had good training and now know how the system can work better for you, then this is how it could work.

In the search bar you now search for “General Ledger Setup”.

General ledger search

Search for the General Ledger Setup

In the General Ledger Setup page, you enter the current months date range in the “Allow Posting From” and “Allow Posting To”

General Ledger Setup

Allow porting from: Allow postiing To:

Just like before, if you have a lot of employees then you can expect this to take a lot of time. Except most of that time will be on your coffee break. Because once you have entered those two dates in this single page… you’re done!

Feel free to reach out and see what training can do for you.

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