What to do now?

Sometimes your customers short or over pay. When it’s a small amount it’s such a pain to handle. You know you are never going to bother with a short pay of $1.23 or any small amount. Did you know you can handle it at the time the payment is posted by setting up Payment Tolerances.

Here’s how you do it.

1. Go to General Posting Setup

a. For each combination Gen. Bus. Posting Group & Gen. Prod. Posting Group
b. Field: Sales Pmt. Tol. Credit and Sales Pmt. Tol. Debit
i. Select the G/L account the tolerance should post to.

2. Go to General Ledger Setup

a. Application Fast Tab:
i. Payment Tolerance Waning: Check the Check Box
ii. Payment Tolerance Posting: Select- Payment Tolerance Accounts

This will cause the system to warn you prior to posting a Payment Tolerance.


b. Click on Actions Tab on the Ribbon
i. Select: Change Payment Tolerance
  ii. You may either select a Payment Tolerance % or Payment Tolerance Amount
 iii. Choose one or the other
 iv. Click Button – OK

c. Message Pop Up box: “
i. Do you want to change all open entries for every customer and vendor that are not blocked?”
  ii. Click : yes

This will create entries to allow the system to post future payments short as needed.
It is important to note that this will NOT close out old short paid entries.
When you go to post a deposit that has a short payment you will get a message Popup

The majority of the time you will select: Post the Balance as Payment Tolerance.

Another important note, is that it will not suggest payment tolerance for amounts that exceed the tolerance allowed. Example: Your tolerance is $5.00 and they short paid $6.50 it will NOT post $5.00 to the payment tolerance accounts and leave the $1.50 open.
That’s it. Good luck. If you need help, you know where we are.

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