What to Look for In A Business Central Partner

Are you thinking of changing your Business Central Partner?

There are several reasons clients become unhappy with their BC partner:

  • Unresponsive or slow to respond to urgent requests
  • Unable to solve your most pressing issues
  • Not capable of fully implementing your BC system
  • Unable to give you training or to explain how BC works
  • Unfamiliar with products and technologies related to BC
  • Consistently billing more than expected
  • Not understanding your industry

Do you find yourself:

  • Going on hoping things will get better?
  • Thinking “we’ll change partners as soon as 😬 is over”
  • Constantly reviewing bills and hourly charges?
  • Not getting your questions answered?
  • Not getting even the simplest processes implemented?
  • Being told BC doesn’t do 🤔 well, just do it in excel or this other software
  • Paying for custom programming that should be readily available?
  • Wondering why you ever bought this system?
  • The Partner is constantly suggesting “work arounds”.

Are you going on hoping things will get better?

Why settle for a partner that cannot or will not meet your needs?  Your partner should be exactly that – your Partner. You may want to measure performance against a more ideal scene:

  • Timely responses to any issue, especially where time critical
  • Capable of solving almost any issue and if not, knowing where to go for a resolution
  • Capable of implementing your system end to end
  • Able to train you on BC processes and the logic behind the system
  • Familiar with the Business Central “universe” of products and technologies
  • Providing accurate estimates that are consistently met

Changing partners is a big decision but a simple task requiring little more than an e-mail to the right Microsoft department.

You may have invested a great deal in your current partner, but if you are not getting that investment back, it may be time to find a partner who better meets your needs.  All Partners are not the same.

Our motto is “Getting it right the first time”, but that starts with “Getting it right”. That’s what we do. 😀

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