Lighting company supercharges growth with Dynamics West and NAV 2017

Client Sector:
Lighting company
20 employees

This company is a specialist supplier of lighting fixtures and fittings for the construction and interior design industries. Working with hundreds of different suppliers globally, it designs, orders and ships bespoke and complicated lighting solutions to clients across the United States.

The company relies on NAV and Dynamics West to help it to manage these orders and ensure that it can live up to the promises it makes to its customers, while protecting its margins and turning a profit.

The challenge

The lighting specialist had been using Navision 2.6 for its inventory management and finance functions since 2001, and while it had initially worked for them, as the years rolled on and the business developed it was no longer fit for purpose. The existing Navision partner was not responsive to their needs for support nor their request for information on upgrading Navision to the latest version available.

They lacked the knowledge needed to use the software correctly, and changes in personnel, and limited support from their IT partner, meant that they were struggling to use and fully extract full value from the application.


In addition, Navision’s limited functionality meant that personnel needed to find work arounds to carry out daily operations. All of the company’s sales involve some sort of customized elements, drawing together specific lengths of wire and cord, and countless different components from different suppliers, often purchased in different currencies. Navision was not powerful enough to manage this complexity, meaning that staff needed to handle things manually, slowing down the pace of work, negatively impacting productivity, and resulting in costly mistakes.

The lighting company needed a more intuitive and modern software solution that was easier to use and had more functionality to help the business grow.

The team at Dynamics West took the time to really get to know our business and when they recommended moving us to NAV, we trusted it was the right move

Managing Partner

The solution

The company turned to Dynamics West to see what could be done and we set about migrating them over to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017. The upgrade went smoothly with the switch taking place over a holiday weekend – it was Navision 2.6 on Friday and NAV 2017 on Monday morning.

The first thing we did was train their personnel on the new software and get them to unlearn all of the bad habits they had from years of misusing Navision. After taking the time to really understand what they needed the software for and how they wanted to use it, we developed a detailed training program to get them up to speed on NAV.

By upgrading to NAV 2017, the company unlocked a whole host of new features, including (but not limited to!):

  • Kitting (Assembly Management) and Manufacturing
  • MRP capabilities
  • Physical Inventory and Cycle Counting
  • Reservations, Capable to Promise
  • Inventory valuation improvements
  • Price lists
  • New Finance features including Inventory Costing, Cash Flow and Fixed Assets
  • On-line currency exchange rate update
  • Improved NAV CRM functionality
  • Barcoding
  • Send to Excel, send to e-mail and built in PDF printing
  • Notifications
  • Document Management
  • Workflow
  • Integrated shipping for UPS and FedEx
  • History Management

The benefits

The difference between Navision and NAV 2017 has been like night and day for the lighting company. With new features and a much more intuitive interface, staff are now able to assemble and dispatch complicated orders quickly and easily to supercharge growth.

Real-time currency exchange functionality is taking the headache out of international shipping and procurement, ensuring that the company never over- or under-charges for its services. They’re also able to much more easily customize their kits – an issue that had previously skewed up their inventory and resulted in wastage – meaning that they can protect their margins.

Importantly, we’re working with the company closely and are always on hand to support their personnel to make sure that they’re able to use all of the features and drive the business forward.

A senior executive from the lighting company commented: “As a business we were going into high gear, and we needed a new software solution that would grow with us and make our lives easier, not harder! The team at Dynamics West took the time to really get to know our business and when they recommended moving us to NAV, we trusted it was the right move – and it has worked!”

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