Dynamics West enables print specialist to cut costs and optimize business operations

Client Sector:
Print specialist
35 employees

Established over 100 years ago, this business is a specialist supplier of print and knife sharpening services that help businesses in the print, plastics and corrugated industries to manage their core operations and achieve competitive advantage.

Working on tight margins, efficiency is everything for the company. By partnering with Dynamics West, it has been able to tightly manage the logistical aspects of its operations to meet the needs of its customers while still turning a profit.

The challenge

Working with customers up and down the West Coast, the company’s employees drive a fleet of trucks between HQ and its customers’ operations to pick up and deliver equipment, often covering vast distances in the process.

To speed up these journeys, the company leverages route optimization software which automatically determines pick-up sequences and the most efficient routes for drivers, helping to cut down on mileage, saving time and money.

However, for this to work, it needed to interface directly into the company’s ordering and inventory systems to access customer data and locations and schedule appointments, but this was proving difficult to achieve.

The company had decided to replace its legacy ERP solution as it lacked the functionality it needed and was costing them $10,000 each month to maintain. It chose Microsoft Dynamics NAV as it was the most effective ERP solution available on the market.

However, their chosen support partner lacked the expertise needed to make the project a success. Almost all questions were met with the reply: ‘Let me get back to you on that’, slowing the business tempo and preventing them from realizing their goals.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a critical piece of software for our business and we couldn’t afford to hang around for our old partner to answer our questions and get us up and running. Dynamics West understands NAV inside and out. They clearly understood what we wanted to achieve and took no time at all to help us get there.

Managing Partner

The solution

Everything changed when Dynamics West came into the picture and our team has been working with them closely for the last 12 years to support their NAV needs.

Our team of NAV specialists began completing the necessary development work that would integrate Dynamics NAV with the company’s route optimization software, ensuring that its fleet of delivery drivers could access all of the information they needed.

We worked closely with the team to get them trained up on NAV and help them navigate all its features – from finance, inventory, purchases and sales – while we also customized the software’s interfaces, giving the company a more personal and professional touch.

The benefits

Having fully migrated across to Dynamics NAV with our help, the print equipment specialist has been free to focus on growing its business and has never looked back.

Integrating NAV with their route optimization software means that they can process orders through the software and then immediately generate the most efficient routes for its drivers that are then communicated to them via their mobile devices.

This in turn is enabling the business to operate far more efficiently and with greater flexibility, by streamlining routes and cutting down on costs. In addition, NAV effectively costs the business nothing to keep running, meaning that they are saving approximately $10,000 each month that used to be spent on the old software, generating a significant saving for the business.

We work for companies of all sizes. No job is too big or too small. Let’s get in contact and let’s get it done perfectly, the first time.

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