Motor engine manufacturer keeps the wheels spinning with Dynamics West

Client Sector:
200 employees

This company operates in a highly specialized and fast-moving industry – developing and manufacturing engines for racing cars. Its team of over 200 staff, many of which are engineers, build custom engines from scratch, developing and sourcing components from suppliers globally.

With so many moving parts, the company relies heavily on NAV and Dynamics West to keep the wheels spinning and continue developing some of the most advanced car engines in the world.

The challenge

The company has been working with Dynamics West and using NAV (or older versions of the software) for two decades, and the software comprised a critical part of the company’s operations.

Building completely custom engines from scratch, and continually trying to improve them, is an incredibly complicated business, involving developing and commissioning thousands of different moving parts and materials from manufacturers across the world. In addition, its work is very expensive, and the company must take every effort to ensure it can keep tight control of its costs and remain competitive.

By partnering with Dynamics West and by leveraging NAV, the company has been able to ensure it can get the right parts in the right place and at the right time, without blowing its budgets.

However, as the business and industry in which they operates have evolved, it needed to migrate to newer versions of the software, carefully balancing the costs of updating with the new functionality on offer.

Efficiency and speed are everything in our business and we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without NAV or Dynamics West.

Chief Executive Officer

The solution

We have worked with the engine manufacturer every step of the way, advising them on which NAV upgrades to take advantage of and when to ensure they can get the best possible ROI.

Dynamics West executed their first upgrade from Navision 1.2 to 2.0 in 1999, and we are currently scheduled to upgrade to their NAV 2013 database to NAV 2018 on Azure in the next few months.

This evolution has unlocked some great new features that are helping the business operate more efficiently and more cost effectively. We’ve customized NAV to integrate with its specialist ordering systems and with QuickBooks, enabling its teams to order spare parts and keep track of their finances from their mobile devices directly from the racing track.

In addition, the company must remove components once they’ve been on the road for more than 10,000 miles or risk poor performance or even engine failure. The powerful tracking capabilities of NAV makes it possible for the engine manufacturer to keep track of every individual part of its engines and replace them when they need to.

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The benefits

Dynamics West, along with our support and guidance on leveraging NAV has helped the engine manufacturer to stay at the top of its game.

Continuous integration improvements with leading software solutions from Microsoft and industry-specific applications enable the company to maintain a razor-sharp focus on performance and safeguard driver safety, which is paramount. The ability to measure engine performance, the extensive level of compatibility and the option to customize the software, just isn’t available from other ERP solutions on the market.

An executive from the engine manufacturer commented: “Efficiency and speed are everything in our business and we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without NAV or Dynamics West. Dynamics West has an incredibly strong understanding of our business and has heavily customized the software to help us move faster and with more accuracy to maintain our edge on the competition.”

By working with Dynamics West to upgrade their software at strategic points in the product’s lifecycle, the engine manufacturer has been able to maximize ROI and maintain pole position in the car racing world.

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